We leverage Direct Marketing strategies to provide clients with Sustainable Lead Generation that drives revenue and maintains core values.

Neighbourhood and Community are at the center of our marketing focus; transforming businesses into local destinations.
We drive new business and works with clients to ensure that clients come back; MAXIMIZING client value while building business equity.
Know Your Neighbourhood How It's Done

How Do We Do This?

We leverage ADDRESSED MAIL to invite guest’s BACK. Depending on the client Know Your Neighbourhood can develop long term sustainable lead generation campaigns through:
  • Supporting a client in the development of an accurate database while enhancing client/guest relationships.
  • Developing strategies to invite guests back using current customer databases.

Sustainable Lead Generation

Inconsistent prospecting produces inconsistent results

The long term success of any business is to ensure a steady and consistent flow of leads which are then converted to a client or guest. The key, however, is to generate these leads sustainably to bring consistency to revenue generation. Through Direct Marketing Know Your  Neighbourhood has proven techniques that contribute to business sustainability and drive revenue.

Know Your Neighbourhood Sales Funnel

Tell Us About Your Project

Ask your Know Your Neighbourhood Consultant to calculate your return on investment!
Know Your Neighbourhood Sales Radius

Short Term

Our short term lead generation strategy uses proven direct marketing strategy that drives new leads to your business sustainably…
  1. Meet with your Know Your Neighbourhood Consultant for your Discovery Consultation. Understanding a client’s, story, current state, strategic marketing goals are essential to success.
  2. Establish your business’ Neighbourhood which is typically a 3-5 mile radius of your location with a minimum target market of 10,000 doors*.
  3. Once your Neighbourhood is established Know Your Neighbourhood divides the total distribution. The Direct Marketing piece is in front of each door, each quarter or 4 times per year.

*Doors: Know Your Neighbourhood can target Homes, Apartments, Condos, Business and Farms. Each home, apartment, condo or farm represents 1 DOOR.

Long Term

Once you have generated and converted leads, Know Your Neighbourhood supports business’ efforts to INVITE their client’s and guest’s to return:
  • Existing Clients Buy More: Increased Average Sale
  • Existing Client’s Buy More Often: Increased Frequency
  • Existing Client’s Buy New Products: More Options
  • Existing Client refer NEW CLIENTS

Know Your Neighbourhood Long Term Graphic

Hospitality and Service Industry

Know Your Neighbourhood works with client’s in the hospitality and service industry by:
  • Building a current and accurate Database.
  • Using addressed mail.
  • Inviting guests back by sending a birthday card and a gift.

Maximize Client Value

Know Your Neighbourhood’s consultant’s work with clients to maximize client value by:
  1. Driving new client’s or guests to the business through unaddressed direct mail.
  2. Inviting existing client’s back through addressed direct mail.

Know Your Neighbourhood Maximizing Client Value
  1. Existing clients BUY MORE: increased sales average
  2. Existing clients BUY MORE OFTEN: increased frequency
  3. Existing clients BUY NEW PRODUCTS: more options
  4. NEW CLIENT: referral