We leverage Direct Marketing strategies to provide clients with Sustainable Lead Generation that drives revenue and maintains core values.

Neighbourhood and Community are at the center of our marketing focus; transforming businesses into local destinations.
We drive new business and works with clients to ensure that clients come back; MAXIMIZING client value while building business equity.

Why Direct Mail ?

  • Know Your Neighbourhood uses Canada Post as our distribution partner and has access to:
    • Houses
    • Apartments
    • Condos
    • Businesses
  • Working with Canada Post, Know Your Neighbourhood can target individual walking routes within neighbourhood’s.
  • Know Your Neighbourhood can sort walking routes by age, gender and number to narrow down the ideal target market

  • Unaddressed direct mail is brought into the business to be redeemed providing the business with measureable results.
  • Addressed mail is brought into the business to be redeemed providing the business with measurable results.
  • Measure the response and compare to the goals of the campaign.
  • Forecast gross profit BEFORE the campaign begins.
  • The physical nature of direct mail enables the business owner to measure the return on investment to the PENNY.

  • Checking the mailbox is already part of one's coming home routine.
  • Includes all demographics.
  • Time honoured ritual.
  • Direct Mail is sorted in similar location, time of day and is typically associated with positive daily routine.

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Ask your Know Your Neighbourhood Consultant to calculate your return on investment!
Know Your Neighbourhood Science Behind the Media

The Science Behind the Media

Over years of successful direct mail campaigns, Know Your Neighbourhood has refined the science behind optimizing response down to 5 Factors:
  • Who are you? (Your Brand in the Marketplace)
  • What is your product and the products breadth of appeal?
  • What is the Offer and the offers perceived value?
  • Layout and Design
    • See graphic of OHIO below
  • Method of Distribution
    • Know Your Neighbourhood partners with Canada Post for access to HOUSES, APARTMENTS, CONDOS and Businesses.


One of the 5 factors to optimize response is layout. Using O.H.I.O, Know Your Neighbourhood can optimize response. Optimizing response results in increased guests, increased guests = increased revenue.

Build your database

  • Build an accurate database through the 100,000 birthdays in Calgary per MONTH.
  • ... that's 3,333 Birthdays per DAY
Know Your Neighbourhood Birthday Card

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